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This year’s Leszno festival was one of the stops on the premiere tour of the British aerobatic team, AeroSPARX.

Guy Westgate and Tim Dews of the AeroSPARX, dazzled the audience with a glittering array of aerobatics after sunset. The precision, gracefulness and harmony of the display was appreciated even greater at night, thanks to LEDs and pyrotechnics mounted on the wingtips.

AeroSPARX performs with two identical Grob 109 motor gliders, which are usually used for training RAF cadets. The Grob, also known as Vigilant T1, has excellent handling characteristics that Guy and Tim harnessed perfectly during the aerobatic display. To make the aerial extravaganza even more graceful, AeroSPARX use special, environmentally friendly additives to create colourful smoke that added with the pyrotechnics, helps them ‘paint’ the night sky with an elegant set of manoeuvres.

The display certainly endeared them to watching crowds as ‘experts of the air’ with their pyrotechnics and carefully constructed movements. Guy, who has long been a pioneer of this type of show, first met Tim at the airline preparations for the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in London in 2012. This cooperation resulted in the creation of the duo AeroSPARX - a true air ballet, in which the two machines spaced apart just meters soaring even perform stunts.


 AeroSPARX - a Night Air-Display Revolution

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